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I’ve been doing some semi BuJo-ingish calendar upkeep for several years now, after accepting that electronic calendars were not my thing (many painful years before acceptance).

So. My calendar upkeep includes a bigger version of calendar in family kitchen. It has all family happenings, places to visit, things to remember, children’s test days, birthday parties, bookings, all the hassle. For there, I print A3 or A4 of this. Then I add the moon cycle in four pictures – black, white, C and D moon for the right days (yes, I love to garden and believe strongly in moon’s uplifting and downtaking force in nature – how could it be any otherwise). I add name days (of course it’s fun to send a card or message to close acquaintance, and it’s quite critical to remember children’s name days!!). I add the flag days. Yes, they check them in the school and maybe some day even I’ll remember them. And whatever other we like to discuss around our kitchen table, children, I and occasional guests we have popping by.

Then I have my personal calendar. My Calendar / BuJo / Journal / Memory Book / My Preciousssss. For there, I print A5 size of this. I love to clip it with scissors so that it makes an extra leaflet to hold on. To make a digit into what I write the name of the month in upright so that when my book is closed I can easily access the right month. Because in my calendar, even though I also make the whole year sight in the quite first pages of it, I like to keep things in timely and linear time logic order. So, I make these monthly sub-pages of these calendar leaflets. My newest inspiration has been to use them as money maps. (Surely you can print the calendar page as big as you want for that as well, I know some of you want to make those Money Map pages up to A1 or A0 size.)

And between those monthly leaflets I include my calendar, all my journaling I do in that month, in order. So that the calendar forms and grows up to be a diary along the way.

I have quite a many daily and weekly actions I follow.

Pearson’s Law:

That which is measured improves.
That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.

But since those are still a bit in a turmoil (new ones coming in to follow-up, old ones being discarded, emerged and under pondering), not diving deeper into those now.

But instead made a funny making-of one calendar page for you viewers. Tested (for the first time, thanks for guidance and inspiration #artflowsessions ) a time-lapse app called Hyperlapse. No editing, no nothing. No filters, music or anything of that fine set you could obviously fix this video with. Just forgetting the phone doing the shooting, plain raw drawing and loving it ❤

So, if you are anywhat like me and love human handwriting and -drawing more than digital line, get your kicks and draw your own calendar pages. It’s bafflingly wonderful. Or just crab your copy here.


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