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Atypical art

Different art

Art is often considered as paintings, sculptures or music.

But actually, it’s so much more.

Art is anything you put your heart, energy and skills into to create something new.


And there’s always the level of surprise included. You never know who you’ll touch with your art. Your creations. What kind of impact you’ll have. You can prepave and have some assumptions but in the end, the consumers of your art will always have their own experience of your art, what ever kind that is.

I’ve always been an artist. From the embarrassing moment I drew into the sand instead of being present football goalkeeper to the moments of creating designs, renovating and clay statues. Love to forget myself into drawing, painting, sculpting and just let it flow…

But it took me up to this day to realise also my business is art.

I deep dive into the blue ocean equipped with my skills and networks. I pour my heart and drive into it. I give my heart and energy to it. I want to help. I want to make impact. I want to make the world better place. I want people to feel better.

I take pictures. I edit them to make the message clear. I write texts to help, to convince, to educate. I put myself in front of the video to get my teachings 3rd dimension. I create web pages to reach everyone who want to be reached.

I feel no urge to separate myself from my business. It is me, totally me, doing and living it true, after all.

My art work is ever-growing, ever-evolving, ever-flowing. As am I. As is the whole universe.

My latest masterpiece can be found here.

Who knows what will come next.

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