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Face study series

Face study series no 1. Face on an old candle holder (bended open).

Face study series no 2. Face on an old locker door.

Face study series no 3. Face on an old gas regulator box.

Face study series no 4. Face in an old casket.

Face study series no 5. Face in a boxlet.

All faces of white clay.

30€ incl. vat per study (plus shipping fees).

Pregnant torso

I did this torso at a very interesting phase of life. For years it has traveled with me. Now I feel it’s time for departure. For it to find a new home. With all its symbolism, power and beauty.

Height approx. 26cm, weight 23cm.

Burnt white clay.

Price 190€ (incl vat) + possible shipping costs.

#claywork #ceramics #sculpture #pregnant #torso

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